Two little boys holding skate boards

Skaters2/Two boys with skateboards © Vanessa Oguchi /Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Exaggeration and Re-Invention

Play traces the customisation of sports fashion and shows how the creativity of customisers has been embraced by global superbrands.

Sportswear first crossed over into casual wear because it was comfortable and affordable. Since then it has developed its own look, based on patterns and colours of performance sportswear but often exaggerated.

In playing with the idea of sportswear, designers have pushed the boundaries of what trainers and sports clothes can look like. Witty, ironic and sophisticated, their work reflects the equally inventive customisation of sportswear that can be seen on the street.

In this section you can see:

  • a jumper and trousers by Vivienne Westwood
  • a snowboarding suit by Burton and KidRobot
  • 'Adicolor Green Series Century' trainers by
    Emilio Pucci for adidas