Colourful animation of flowers dancing on the horizontal branches of a tree with a dark sky in the background

16 September 2006 - 25 February 2007

'Insyde' is an interactive installation by the people at Airside.

'We went looking in the back of our cupboards and found these strange creatures who whispered in our ears that they wanted to visit the far off land of Liverpool, so we packed them up in a crate, gave them some sandwiches and sent them off to those nice people at the Walker Art Gallery.

They've had a very long journey and they might be a bit shy, so please be gentle with them and play nicely. They are very keen to meet you but are a bit short sighted, so when you see a light on the floor, step into it so they can see you more clearly and come and say hello.'

The installation was commissioned by National Museums Liverpool as part of Liverpool Biennial 2006. It was a unique interactive installation created by multi-disciplinary design collective Airside. The world comprised a mixture of real world objects, wall projections and music. Fred Deakin, who is one half of dance act Lemon Jelly, specially composed this music for Insyde.

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