'Oscar Christ and the Immaculate Conception' by Jeff Nuttall

'Oscar Christ and the Immaculate Conception', 1970 by Jeff Nuttall

'Oscar Christ and the Immaculate Conception', 1967 by Jeff Nuttall
© Jeff Nuttall

Re-launched in November 2006, this book responds to a news story about Oscar Christ, a German police chief accused of having his girlfriend, a Russian dancer, murdered. Cuttings from the press story are interpreted using phonetically spelt, spoof German '˜voices' illustrations and photographs. Lines from Vera Lynn's 'We'll Meet Again', changing 'meet' to 'meat', punctuate
the story.

The book is part of the Walker Art Gallery's permanent collection and was donated by Jeff Nuttall's partner Jill Richards in 2007.

About Jeff Nuttall (1933-2004)

Lancashire-born Jeff Nuttall expressed himself artistically in various media during his life. He was a cultural commentator,
motivated by social and political events. His core belief was that art contained truth and beauty and was vital to living and
loving life. Nuttall taught widely and from 1981-94 was Head of Fine Arts at Liverpool Polytechnic.