'A Sleek Dry Yell', 2008, Haroon Mirza

Mixed media

Image courtesy of the artist.

‘A Sleek Dry Yell’, written and performed by cult musician and actor Richard "Kid" Strange, is played through the central screen. 

Old speakers, a collection of copper coins and cascading water combine to produce a rhythm of noises. The distorted sounds become an integral part of Haroon Mirza’s sculpture of the same name and reverberate around the room, enveloping the visitor.

Haroon Mirza uses objects from everyday life create unique sculptural compositions.

Mirza won the Northern Art Prize in 2010 and gained the highly prized award for ‘best emerging international artist’ at last year’s Venice Biennale.

Purchased through the Contemporary Art Society’s Sculpture Fund supported by Cathy Wills in 2011. Co-owned by: Manchester City Galleries, Whitworth Art Gallery, Grundy Art Gallery, Victoria Gallery & Museum and the Walker Art Gallery.