Unnatural selection: jewellery, objects and sculpture by Peter Chang

Colourful bracelet in an organic design

Bracelet, 2004, The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia

15 June 2007 - 30 September 2007

The extraordinary sculptural shapes of the objects made by Peter Chang are unique. He exploits the intrinsic qualities of plastic; its malleability and colour, adding depth and sensuality. This is the first time early and contemporary drawings, prints and sculptures are presented alongside his explorations into jewellery, objects and current sculptural activities showing a comprehensive overview of his work.

His drive to continually develop new ideas and techniques has earned him an international reputation, and his work is collected by individuals and museums all over the world. He is also the recipient of numerous National and International Awards, including the Jerwood Prize for the Applied Arts in 1995 and has recently been awarded a 2005-2007 Wingate Scholarship.

Artist, jeweller or sculptor? Peter Chang refuses to be labelled or to label his work. Seeing no difference between the arts, he produces work without limitations or boundaries.

‘The pieces I create can be sculptures or they can be worn as jewellery. Each individual will have a different response to them and I like that.’

Taking acrylic, polyester resin and PVC, and using techniques he has devised over many years, Chang turns these throw-away everyday materials into something special. He is inspired by many things, from the natural world to the urban environment. It would not be unusual in Chang’s work to see, perhaps, the imagery of aquatic plants combined with the pattern from the sole of a trainer. Nothing is too commonplace or mundane.

Sometimes the piece of work develops as it is made; perhaps through an accident, or as Chang would call it, meaningful chance. He embraces these changes in order to create something new.

All Chang asks is that when looking at his work, viewers use their intellect, intuition and imagination as if listening to music.


Sponsored by National Museums Liverpool Business 2008 with support from The British Council.


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