New Radicals: From Sickert to Freud

Two people on the beach getting ready to bathe in the sea

Bernard Meninsky, 'The Bathers', © National Museums Liverpool

10 July 2009 to 27 September 2009

Free admission

Highlighting the Walker Art Gallery's extensive collection of modern British art, New Radicals: From Sickert to Freud
features a selection of stunning paintings from the early 20th century.

The exhibition focuses on some of the dramatic changes in British art in the wake of French Impressionism right through to the period just after the Second World War, and tells the stories behind some exceptional works of art.

Some of the key figures and artists' groups are explored, such as the New English Art Club and the Camden Town group, but the exhibition also examines the work of a variety of distinct and individual artists whose work stood apart from their contemporaries including Cecil Collins, L S Lowry and Lucian Freud.

Key works that show the new artistic direction in the early part of the 20th century include Walter Sickert's 'Bathers, Dieppe' and Harold Gilman’s iconic portrait 'Mrs Mounter'.

Christopher Wood's 'French Cyclists', Cecil Collins' 'A Song', LS Lowry's 'The Fever Van' and Stanley Spencer's 'Villas at Cookham' are amongst other works that point towards a highly distinct and individual approach.