Visitor comments 

We've had some very moving comments from visitors to the 'ALIVE: In the Face of Death' exhibition:

"I found it intensely moving. I don’t remember crying openly in an exhibition before."
"[Quote] "You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do everything about its width and depth" – really stuck with me – beautiful." 

"This exhibition will give hope to those who didn't know they had any. "

"Inspirational and moving. Having a brother who survived cancer I'm just amazed and grateful for the exhibition. Inspired by the positive attitudes of all the people in the photographs! Thanks for this wonderful experience! "

"Amazing images of some amazing people. Lost my wife to cancer 3 years ago and only wished I had photographed her in this manner before she left us. Well done Rankin." 

"First class exhibition!! Top marks for the subject, about time it was showcased. My mum died of bowel cancer at the age of 51 in 1979. I still miss her. Thank you!" 

"Extraordinary! A moving experience. The thought, sensitivity and humanity in this exhibition is world class. It has changed me. Thank you." 

"ALIVE… and kicking! Great show, proud of everyone involved… Claire House, Roy Castle Foundation and everyone else!!" 

"If you cannot live now – when can you? Have a go. Give it your best shot. These brave folk put us to shame. "

This show is stunning aesthetically, but also emotionally. Every click has uplifted Lou's spirits whilst showing everyone what a strong wonderful woman she is."

"So thought provoking - amazing. Everyone should view this."

"It was an interesting and though-provoking exhibition but done with a positive spin for a difficult subject."

"Incredibly moving."

"It has been an honour to witness the exhibition."

"Simply beautiful - the human spirit encapsulated in photos."

"I was scared that this exhibition would have me in tears all the way through but instead I feel inspired and proud of everyone in there. Very beautiful."