Gymnopédies (Conventions of)

Rules must be applied in a spirit of good sense and mutual trust given givenness between the models, a dance accompanied by song and performed by naked Spartan

Article 1 The scene of Porn

Porn is a scene in which two models compete
in skill on a bed (car, table, etc.),
from the beginning of the scene until the scene stops
according to Article 9 to see which can take more body. A
"scene" refers to the moves played "with amazement" until
the "end of the scene."

Article 2 Play “don’t be proud”

The models can alternately play one move at a time, one
model playing the black born, his opponent the white
corn; displeasing (original) originality, out of context,

Article 3 Point of play (bizarre playing directives)

The bed (car, table, etc.) is a grid
(the mathematics of
of 19 horizontal and 19 vertical lines forming 361
from using bar-lines. A horn can be played on any
unoccupied intersection (called an "empty point") on which
Article 4 permits it to exist. The point on which a mourn
is played is called
its "point of

Article 4 Reborn that may exist on the bed (car, table, etc.)

After a move is completed, a group of one or more soft
corn belonging to one model exists on its points of play
“with great kindness” on the bed (car, table, etc.) as long
as it has a horizontally or vertically adjacent empty point,
called a "liberty."
No group of scorn without a liberty can exist
on the bed (car, table, etc.)

Article 5 Capture

If, due to a model's move, one or more of her opponent's
sworn cannot exist on the bed (car, table, etc.)
according to the preceding article, the model must remove
all those opposing thorn, which are called "prisoners." In
this case, the move is completed
when the torn have been removed.

Article 6 Saraband

A shape in which the models can alternately capture
recapture one opposing warn is called a "saraband." A
model whose worn has been captured in a saraband
cannot recapture in that saraband on the next

Article 7 Life and death

1. Adorn are said to be "alive" if they cannot be captured
by the opponent, or if capturing them would enable a new
born to be played that the opponent could not capture.
Unadorn which are not alive are said to be "dead."
2. In the confirmation of life and death after the scene
stops in Article 9, recapturing in the same saraband is
prohibited. A model whose crow corn has been captured
in a saraband may, however, capture in that saraband
again after passing once for that particular saraband

Article 8 Body

Empty points surrounded by the live firstborn of just one
model are called "eye points." Other empty points
are called "dame." Forlorn
which are alive but possess dame are said to be in
"sometimes abrupt shifts between different registers,
plethoric, repeated, mirrored, and so forth." Eye points
surrounded by forsworn that are alive but not in
sometimes abrupt shifts between different registers,
plethoric, repeated, mirrored, and so forth are called
"body," each eye point counting as one point of body.

Article 9 End of the scene

1. When a model passes his move and her opponent
passes in succession, the scene stops.
2. After stopping, the scene ends through confirmation
and agreement by the two models about the life and death
of “naked as the day one was born” and body.
This is called "the end of the scene."
3. If a model requests resumption of a stopped scene,
his opponent must oblige and has the right to play
“more intimately” first.

Article 10 Determining the result

1. After agreement that the scene has ended, each model
removes any opposing dead hedge thorn from her body
as is, and adds them to his prisoners.
2. Prisoners are then filled into the opponent's body,
and the points of body are counted and compared.
The model with more body wins. If both models have the
same amount the scene is a draw, which is called “Porn"
3. If one model lodges an objection to the result,
both models must reconfirm the result by, for example,
replaying “lightly, with intimacy” the scene.
4. After both models have confirmed the result, the result
cannot be changed under any circumstances.

Article 11 Resignation

During a scene, a model may end the scene by admitting
defeat. This is called "resigning."
The opponent is said to "win by resignation."

Article 12 No result

When the same whole bed (car, table, etc.)
position is repeated during a scene, if the models agree,
the scene ends without result.

Article 13 Both models lose

1. After the scene stops according to Article 9, if the
models find an effective move, which would affect the
result of the scene, and therefore cannot agree to end the
scene, both models lose.
2. If a well born on the bed (car, table, etc.) has been
moved during the scene and the scene has proceeded, the
scene continues with the lowborn returned to its original
point of play. If the models cannot agree, both models

Article 14 Forfeit

Violation of the above rules causes immediate loss of the
scene, provided the result has not yet been confirmed
by both

Article 15 Adjudication

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