'Beatrice meeting Dante at a marriage feast, denies him her salutation'

Painting of a large group scene with Dante in red

Watercolour on paper, drawn in 1855, 34.3 x 41.9cm, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

This is a close copy of a composition of 1851, the first work in which Elizabeth Siddal serves as the model for Beatrice.

The subject comes from the 'Vita Nuova'. Beatrice, disapproving of Dante's attentions to another woman, refuses to greet him when they meet at a marriage feast. Beatrice does not know that he has only pretended to favour the other woman in order to conceal his purer love for her.

This was one of the 13 subjects from the 'Vita Nuova' that Rossetti had envisaged for pictorial treatment as early as 1848.