'James Stanley', 1755

Portrait painting of a man with a brown coat and red waistcoat against a black background

The label text for this painting in the exhibition 'George Stubbs: A Celebration' has been written by Lynda Hignett, the assistant manageress at Philpott's Sandwich Shop, Exchange Flags, Liverpool (about one hundred yards from Stubbs's birthplace).

"If he walked into my shop, I would say he was a man with lots of authority, a bit grand. You can see that from the way he's standing, straight up. He's letting you know who he is. He's a very confident person.

The artist has got his face to a tee. It looks just as if he's looking at you. The detail is good: the nose, the lips, down to the little dimples and the fine lines across the top of his lips. The hair is very realistic, and all the double chins.

The clothes are very smart. They're all made to measure, and they're very particular: the ruffles on the shirt and the braid on the jacket. You can see he's a gentleman."

Further information about this painting

  • Painted by George Stubbs (1724 - 1806)
  • Oil on canvas
  • 75 x 62.5 cm
  • Accession number WAG8294