'I Feel Bad When I Reject Your Love', Charles Thomson

Painting with split into two horizontal stripes, blue at the bottom and a larger black stripe above, with a man in black trousers and a blue top standing alone in the distance.

oil and acrylic on canvas, 76.2x101.6cm

Moved from a house in Finchley by a stream to Shoreditch and back. Ex-wives include Stella Vine.

Spent most of the last five years promoting Stuckism, organising anti-Turner Prize clown protests and being accosted by Sir Nicholas Serota in Trafalgar Square. Has studied Kabbalah and astrology for thirty years. Practices past life therapy. National poetry prizewinner. First commercial artwork at the age of five - sold a drawing of his teddy bear to granddad for a penny. Arrested in 1972 for protesting against pollution in Oxford Street. Has a son fanatical about motor racing.