'Venus and Mars', Elsa Dax

Abstract painting with a female figure in a colourful room on the left and a male figure in a dark blue landscape on the right

oil on canvas, 60.2x91.3cm

Lives between Paris and Camden with architect husband, John Kerr. Passionate about Greek mythology. Mother of two young girls, Sophia and Jeanne. Bonne vivante. Likes Médoc, Cordier, écrevisses, wild pigeon, cèpes, mushrooms. Walks in the Bois Vincennes and by Camden canal. Part-time smoker. Solo shows in Paris and London. Puts on make-up on bus journeys, "I can't paint on buses, so I have the pleasure of painting myself."

Website: http://www.infres.enst.fr/~dax/misc/mythology/mythology.html