'My Grandfather Will Fight You', Joe Machine

Half-length portrait painting of a man in a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up and one fist clenched.

acrylic on board, 113x57cm

Trying to escape from the Isle of Sheppey and living on his wits. Used to rob pubs.

No formal art training. Influenced by Genet, Celine and Knut Hamsun. Seven books of poetry. Was the singer in 'junk' group The Dirty Numbers. Member of Romany family. Aged six, he stabbed his teacher with a blackboard compass because she wouldn't let him draw the Incredible Hulk. Aged eight he, fell in love with Diana Dors after she waved out of a Ritz hotel window at him,

"The violence and the stealing and the aggressive manipulation in sex - these things have been done because actually I'm quite a frightened little f**ker inside - it's a byproduct of my vulnerability."