'Aeroplane', John Bourne

Painting showing a gap between two red houses, a man is emerging from the door of the left house and the silhouette of an aeroplane can be seen in the distance

oil on canvas 91.5x91.5cm

Left teaching for art, lives in a red-brick terrace house in rural Wales, loves motorways and supermarkets. Grateful to his wife Joyce for her unflinching support. Plays chess obsessively. Two daughters living in the Barbican and Shepherds Bush, "I love visiting them there."

Goes jogging in the hills round Caergwrle Castle. Paints in the loft. Practises a combination of self-taught Zen Buddhism and informal Christianity. His father was a Methodist minister in the Yorkshire Dales and crazy about Van Gogh.

"My earliest memory was of my father copying a Van Gogh painting. (I was three)."

Bach and Dostoyevsky fan.