The Stuckist Photographers

The Stuckist Photographers were founded in 2003 by Andy Bullock and Larry Dunstan. They exist because Dunstan asked, "Is there a place for photography in Stuckism?" They are a wholly independent group closely affiliated to the Stuckist painters and share their belief in Remodernism - that is, they aspire to a new spirituality in art.

This exhibition brings together four very different photographers linked by a common philosophy and manifesto:

"Our interpretations of the Stuckist principles manifest themselves in photography and (more recently) film rather than painting."

"We express ourselves through our work and continually push the boundaries of our chosen medium."

Bullock's work is often introspective and sometimes political. Dunstan is fascinated with the question of 'what is beauty?' Wolf Howard captures his view of the world through the simplicity of the pinhole camera. Charles Thomson catalogues the everyday in his own snap-shot vocabulary.