Andy Bullock

Born east London, 1962

He studied at art school in Cornwall. In 1981 he returned to London and pursued a career as an art director in advertising agencies, culminating in a couple of years at world-renowned Saatchi and Saatchi. Becoming increasingly disenchanted with this work he made a life-changing decision in 1990 and side-stepped into an ultimately more creatively fulfilling role as a photographer/artist.

His early work was heavily rooted in the tradition of European reportage with very knowing nods in the direction of Cartier-Bresson and Andre Kertesz. However his more recent work has seen him move into a more conceptual arena and although it is still resolutely photographic in origin it can often contain text as part of the overall image.

He has had work exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery, London and has a large (10ft x 8ft) piece (Christ Image 2000) in the permanent collection of St Pauls Cathedral, London.

He enjoys fly fishing for trout and is a gentleman motorcyclist.