Charles Thomson

Charles Thomson co-founded (with Billy Childish) and named the Stuckists.

As well as an artist (and poet) he is also a relentless photographer, and has taken over 5000 pictures in the last two years.

He says,

"I love photographing people and situations that occur around me naturally and spontaneously. We're always acting out underlying emotional and psychological issues unconsciously in our daily life. Sometimes it's possible to capture an image where this becomes more apparent - it works on both mundane and symbolic levels. I approach the taking of photos as I would the creation of a painting, and always think of them in terms of shape, colour and composition. The difference is that I have not made the whole image - a machine has kindly done that for me. A photo is always locked into a particular time and place, which reduces its universality, whilst increasing its documentary value. I do exploit the camera's quirks, with regard to perspective for example, but I keep the subjects as they were shot. What you see is what the viewfinder saw. And that is usually what happened of its own accord in the world (albeit sometimes as a natural reaction to the presence of a camera - but not specifically staged for it). The photos that I am in, I took with the camera held at arm's length."

Charles Thomson's paintings can be seen at the Walker's Stuckists exhibition.