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'Selbstbildnis' by Daniel Pincham-Phipps

Painting showing a naked man and various other other faces

oil on canvas, 175.2x115.5cm

Fills boxes twelve hours a day in a Southend factory. Collects vintage motorcycles. Paints in a small council flat when money for materials permits.

He has lived in Leigh-on-Sea all his life, "the light on the Thames estuary is incredible - it easily surpasses the light of France."

Used to circuit-race Aermacchi-Harley Davidson and Yamaha motorcycles in Brands Hatch. Stopped after 130 mph crash.

Landscape painting bought by critic Brian Sewell who wrote: "Yours are typically heterosexual studies, all surface and infusion and slight stirrings in the loins."

Pincham-Phipps commented: "That's me - he got it bang on! I can't thank him enough for his friendly advice and time over the last few years."

Figure study bought by Martin Clunes.