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Photograph of various hatpins, full descriptions follow in the main text below.

Pair of hatpins, steel, silver and enamel, 1909 (pictured on left)

Accession number 1967.187.433

Pair of steel hatpins, the silver button-shaped tops of amber-coloured enamel over an engine-turned ground. Birmingham assay mark for 1909. Inscribed BJD April 2nd 1910.

Hatpin, steel, base metal and glass pastes, about 1900-10 (pictured second left)

Accession number 1967.187.436

Steel hatpin, the silvered base metal head worked in the form of a decorative filigree dome set with pale blue glass pastes.

Four hatpins, steel and glass, about 1900-20 (pictured third left, at back)

Accession number 1967.187.440

Four steel hatpins, two of them longer than the others, all with black glass bead-shaped heads.

Hatpin, steel and silver, 1917 (pictured centre, foreground)

Accession number 1967.187. 434

Steel hatpin, the silver head in the form of an open flower, the petals slightly curled over. Birmingham assay mark for 1917. Maker’s mark P & T.

Pair of hatpins, steel and silver, about 1900-10 (pictured on right)

Accession number 1967.187.437

Pair of steel hatpins, with small heads of silver filigree and wirework, worked in a stylised floral shape and set with silver beads.