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Blouses and underwear

Photograph of Emily Tinne with her young baby daughter sat beside her on the edge of a table

Emily with her daughter Elspeth, aged about two. Emily is wearing the blouse featured in this section of the exhibition.
© courtesy of Dr Alexine Tinne

Emily had lots of blouses in her wardrobe, many of white cotton with whitework embroidery. She also had a number made of coloured silk chiffon layered over cotton or net, like the one in the photo on the right, which is featured in the exhibition. Emily bought some of them from Blackler's in Elliot Street and Great Charlotte Street.

She also owned lots of underwear, like this camisole that she bought from Owen Owen's in Clayton Square. The early brassière is quite rare as many did not survive repeated washing and general wear and tear.

An English lady's wardrobe

New exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery, 25 October 2019 to 1 March 2020

An English lady's wardrobe exhibition

Don't miss An English lady's wardrobe - our biggest ever exhibition of the Tinne collection, featuring new insights into the family and exploring shopping and style in Liverpool during the interwar years.