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Day dress

Long velvet day dress on a mannequin

Cotton velvet, about 1914-16

Accession number WAG 1967.187.14

Day dress of blue cotton velvet, the V-shaped neckline, centre front edge and cuffs all trimmed with brown fox fur. Cuffs cut slightly over the hand and lined with pale blue and pink shot silk. Butterfly motifs of applied metal thread and glass beads on left side of bodice, right back of bodice and skirt. Bodice lined with white cotton.

Inside of skirt stamped WORRALL'S FAST DYE, Does not rub off, JA.s & Jn. & M.Worrall, Warranted, Fast Finish, and WORRALL, DYED FAST COLOR (sic).

This dress has a matching draw-string bag of blue cotton velvet lined with blue cotton sateen, trimmed with fox fur and decorated with applied metallic thread butterfly motifs.

Real fur was widely used in fashionable dress during the 1920s and 1930s. Unlike today there was no debate about the ethics of using fur in clothing.

Despite having a wide range of expensive fur coats, Emily hardly ever wore any of them. Her family believe that she bought many of them during the Depression, so that Liverpool's poorly-paid shop assistants could receive the much-needed commission on the sale.

Close-up view of a butterfly on the velvet dress