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World AIDS Day 2003

'My partner. Philip Munro. Died 13.1.89. Aged 34', 1994, Gary Sollars (born 1958)

Painting of a man and two women grieving at a bedside with two naked male figures walking out of the left hand side of the picture

World AIDS Day is 1 December. To mark this event Walker Art Gallery displayed a painting by Gary Sollars from 27 November to 7 December 2003.

This moving memorial painting represents the moment of death of the artist's partner of thirteen years from AIDS related illness. It was painted five years after Philip Munro's death and so has a stillness that has been achieved through the passage of time. The artist is shown in attendance at his partner's bedside, whilst radiant light illuminates the faces of Philip's sister and Gary's mother, who also grieve. To the left, two naked men trail a red ribbon, symbolising the relationship of the couple that now lives on through memory.

Gary Sollars is originally from Chester but now lives and works in Liverpool, a city for which he holds great affection. He has exhibited regularly around the country, including at London's National Portrait Gallery and in both Liverpool Biennials.

This painting is on loan from the artist.


To find out more about World AIDS Week and how you can get involved, visit these sites: