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John Moores Painting Prize 2018

14 July - 18 November
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John Moores Painting Prize 2018 paintings

All 60 paintings from the John Moore Painting Prize 2018 exhibition are shown below. Select each one to see a larger version. These paintings were on display in the exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery from 14 July to 18 November 2018.

Find out more about each of the prize winning paintings, including the winner of the John Moores Painting Prize 2018, 'King and Queen of Wands' by Jacqui Hallum, on the prize winners page.


Miraj Ahmed, 'Smile'
Liz Bailey, 'No Ball Games'
Richard Baker, 'Cupboard 2'
Marta Bakst, 'I Still See You on the Horizon'
Andy Barker, 'Nowhere to Go'
James Bingham, 'Shere'
Frances Aviva Blane, 'Mother'
Jo Bruton, 'Tassel Talk'
Carla Busuttil, 'Trophy for a Dull Man'
Gareth Cadwallader, 'Milk'
Jake Clark, 'Circus'
Pete Clarke, 'doubt and distance…of lost content'
Billy Crosby, 'Quilt'
Lara Davies, 'Me Reading ‘Philip Guston Retrospective’ in the Studio'
Tom Down, 'hollow'
Liz Elton, 'One Hundred Harvests'
Alan Fears, 'My Favourite Chair'
Emma Fineman, 'Questions of Silence'
Charlie Franklin, 'Flatland'
Clare Gasson, 'Note-taking September 2016'
Jahan Gerrard, 'Aerial'
Alex Hain, '#consumer'
Jacqui Hallum, 'King and Queen of Wands'
Delphine Hogarth, 'French Summer'
Leo Holloway, 'Untitled'
Ian Homerston, 'Untitled'
Tom Howse, 'The Thunderous Silence of Your Presence'
Seungjo Jeong, 'Interface L3'
Ben Johnson, 'The Space Between Revisited'
Nicholas William Johnson, 'The Intolerable Strangeness of Vegetable Consciousness (Sunspilt II)'
John Kiki, 'Bud Girl'
Matthew Krishanu, 'Mission School'
Nicholas Kulkarni, 'Misdirection'
Laura Lancaster, 'Untitled'
Gary Lawrence, 'Kos Town Paradise Hotel Front Terrace'
David Lock, 'El Muniria'
Kathryn Maple, 'Alone in the Desert'
Graham Martin, 'Red Road'
Tomoya Matsuzaki, 'Untitled (Willow)'
Peter Matthews, 'Suspended Aura'
Cara Nahaul, 'Inches of Dust'
Sinéad Ní Mhaonaigh, 'Monument'
Laurence Noga, 'Deep Blue Filtered Silver'
Olivia Norris, 'Loose sugar, fade to black, bread makes you fat'
Joseph O’Rourke, 'GIANTS'
Mark Osborne, 'Untitled Pink'
Damilola Oshilaja, 'Landscape Redux; No-nVOID/26: IDARIKA, The Land & The Sky'
Shanti Panchal, 'The Divide, Beyond Reasoning'
Alistair Payne, '(D)welling'
Steve Payne, 'Unnamable'
David Pearce, 'Greenhouse'
Gracjana Rejmer-Canovas, 'Electric Landscape'
Joanne Robertson, 'Raining on Shoebox Cove'
Lucy Soni, 'Untitled Bunting'
Bill Stewart, 'TreeAirplaneTrap'
Emma Talbot, 'Intense and Remote Connectivity'
Clare Thatcher, 'Feature of Landscape'
Virginia Verran, 'Black Star'
Joanna Whittle, 'Rain Tent'
Morgan Wills, 'Leadlight Silhouette'


John Moores Painting Prize China 

The five prize winning paintings from the John Moores Painting Prize China 2018 were also displayed as part of the exhibition. These are: 

John Moores Painting Prize China launched in August 2010. Applications were received from across China and 28 artists were selected for the inaugural exhibition. Since 2010 the five prize winning paintings from John Moores Painting Prize China have featured within the UK exhibition.

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