John Moores Painting Prize 2014

5 July - 30 November 2014

Fact file

  • Winners of 2014 John Moores Painting Prize China, which were held for the third time in Shanghai, are displayed.
  • A documentary about the 2014 John Moores Painting Prize is made by the BBC
  • Visitor's Choice prize rises to £2,014
  • The prize winner is announced part way through the exhibition for the first time but this experiment is not repeated
  • Number of entries: 2,503
  • Number of exhibits: 50

Conditions of entry

Artists living or based in the UK; one work, new or recent (preferably executed since JM27), wholly or partly in any painted medium; designed to hang on a wall, projecting no more than 0.5m; additional height and width restrictions.

Prize winners

First prize £25,000:

  • Rose Wylie

4 prizes of £2,500

  • Rae Hicks, 'Sometimes I Forget That You’re Gone'
  • Juliette Losq, 'Vinculum'
  • Mandy Payne, 'Brutal'
  • Alesandro Raho, 'Jessica'

Visitor's Choice winner £2,014

  • Juliette Losq

Firt prize winner Rose Wylie

Born Kent 1934, Rose Wylie attended Folkstone and Dover School of Art 1952-6, Royal College of Art London 1979-81. 

"Usually I paint something I’ve seen, but I may fiddle with the scale, context, and rules of gravity. I draw from observation, memory and with ‘conceptual projection’ - how a stereotype would look from the un-stereotypical view, or if made from a written list of observed particulars, then that list illustrated. The paintings often start from my drawings, but anything can change, depending on the way I feel about how it is, or if I know what that should be. The drawings can come from the excitement of anything I’ve seen, but particularly from film (the swapping of one artform from another), newspapers, and memory of personal events.

My main interest is how the work looks, but meaning - politics, issues, story, and so on - remains as part of the structure of making a work, an act which is both personal and contemporary. In my life I stack and heap up notations of experiences, and often repeat this process in combinations of paintings as I see them in my mind. The flexibility of leaving bare canvas and ‘floating’ imagery allows these regroupings and linear-continuations to happen easily in a picture hang, while also permitting individual paintings to keep their own particular, independent identity."


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Rose Wylie with 'PV Windows and Floorboards'.


  • Tim Marlow
  • Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
  • Zeng Fanzhi
  • Chantal Joffe
  • Tom Benson



Rose Wylie 'PV Windows and Floorboards'
Phil Ashcroft 'Crockett'
Jo Berry 'Untitled 2013'
Jane Bustin 'Christina the Astonishing'
James Byrne 'Book'
Wayne Clough 'Citadel'
Paul Collinson 'Et in Arcadia lego'
Christopher Cook 'Vanity Totem'
David Dawson '18 45. April 7th. 2011'
Robin Dixon 'Estuary Bridge'
Fiona Eastwood 'Closed'
Robert Fawcett 'Frank As Androcles'
Tom Hackney 'Chess Painting No. 21(Duchamp vs. Kostic, Nice, 1930)'
Susie Hamilton 'Freezer'
Rae Hicks 'Sometimes I Forget That You're Gone'
Charlotte Hopkins Hall 'A Private Space'
Barbara Howey 'Orange Sash'
Thomas Hylander 'Living Room'
Andy Jackson 'ThrStrps'
Nicholas Kulkarni 'Tracer'
Rachel Levitas 'Fox with Dahlias IV'
Juliette Losq 'Vinculum'
Mackie 'Sorting Station'
Hynek Martinec 'Every Minute You Are Closer To Death'
John McSweeney 'Legacy'
Nicholas Middleton 'Black Bloc'
Reuben Murray 'Sister, is that you?'
Tony Noble 'Small homes and big trees, Batley Carr.'
David O'Malley 'King of Infinite Space/Don't Let Life Pass You By'
Mandy Payne 'Brutal'
Daniel Pettitt 'Standard'
Frank Pudney 'People 69104'
Emma Puntis 'Untitled, 2013'
Alessandro Raho 'Jessica'
Tim Renshaw 'nowhere'
Neal Rock 'Inked Prosopon / 0813'
Conor Rogers '88 Calories'
Karen Roulstone 'Drift'
Gideon Rubin 'Three Girls'
Alli Sharma 'Ingrid 2 (A Kind of Loving)'
Mark Siebert 'Losers (Homerton High Street 3)'
Mike Silva 'Landscape (257)'
Rebecca Sitar 'Under the tree'
Ian St.John 'Fallen Matter'
Lexi Strauss 'Tupperware Party'
Trevor Sutton 'Christow'
Trisant 'New Logo(White-Red): Bear Stearns#15'
Covadonga Valdés 'Homeland'
Roxy Walsh 'Tunnel of Love'
Carlos Zuniga 'Woman on the grass'


The five prize winning paintings from from the 2014 John Moores Painting Prize China, which was held in Shanghai earlier in 2014, were also included in the exhibition.


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