John Moores exhibition 13


Fact file

  • Purchase prize retained
  • Sir John Moores refers to the "unhappy events in Toxteth as well as to economic North West" in the catalogue preface
  • Number of entries: over 2000
  • Number of exhibits: 76

Conditions of entry

Artists working in the UK; oil, emulsion or other accepted modern techniques, designed to hang on a wall and not project more than six inches. Each artist could submit one work, preferably new. Sculpture, kinetics, watercolours and graphic arts excluded.


  • John Hoyland 1st prize (Purchase prize) £6,000
  • Gillian Ayres 2nd prize £3,000
  • Adrian Berg 3rd prize £2,000

10 prizes of £250:

  • Barrie Cook
  • Joan Dawson
  • Stephen Farthing
  • Albert Irvin
  • John Lessore
  • Michael Scott
  • Norman Stevens
  • Leon Vilaincour
  • Anthony Whishaw
  • Emrys Williams 


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John Hoyland with 'Broken Bride 13.6.82'


  • Sir John Moores (Chair)
  • Stephen Buckley
  • Myles Murphy
  • William Packer
  • Joe Tilson, who was to have been one of the judges, was unable to take part