John Moores exhibition 17


Fact file

  • Purchase prize retained
  • First catalogue to carry colour images of all works
  • Number of entries: 2,018
  • Number of exhibits: 53

Conditions of entry

Artists working in the UK; one painting, preferably new, in an accepted modern medium, designed to hang on a wall and projecting no more than six inches. Sculpture, traditional watercolours and graphics excluded.


  • Andrzej Jackowski 1st prize (Purchase prize) £20,000

10 prizes of £1,000:

  • James Brook
  • John Capstack
  • Jeff Dellow
  • Arturo Di Stefano
  • Stephen Farthing
  • Nichollas Hamper
  • Andrea Lansley
  • Adam Lowe
  • Jock McFadyen
  • Michael Simpson


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Andrzej Jackowski with 'The Beekeeper's Son'


  • Lewis Biggs
  • Maurice Cockrill
  • John Hoyland
  • Jayne Purdy