John Moores exhibition 2


Fact file

  • Introduction of a French section for artists from the 'Ecole de Paris'
  • Introduction of a separate prize for British sculpture
  • Abolition of the Junior section: "Younger artists stood in no need of protection from the competition of their elders."
  • Two juries instead of one (the second, selecting the main prize, comprised of Professor GC Argan, Professor of Art History, University of Rome; Professor AMWH Hammacher, Director, Rijksmuseum Kröller- Müller, Otterlo; Professor Kurt Martin, Director General, Bayerisches Staatsgemäldesammlungen, Munich).
  • Their selection was made from 'the best' 25 British paintings (inc prize winners) selected by the main jury and the submitted French paintings, but excluding the 'Hors concours'.
  • Purchase prizes abolished and £1,000 set aside for purchase as distinct from prizes.
  • Invited artists included William Scott, Carel Weight, Anne Redpath; Hors concours included Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore
  • Number of entries: 1,807
  • Number of exhibits: 157

Conditions of entry

British artists: oil and tempera paintings and sculpture; each artist could submit one work, preferably new.

French artists: no sculpture; otherwise as British, plus size restriction for transport.

Invited artists' section (not subject to Selection Committee, but still eligible for prizes) 'Hors concours' section (invited but neither
subject to Selection Committee, nor eligible for prizes): "Artists whose distinction is such that they may be said to be above the battle."

Prize winners

Main prize:

  • Patrick Heron £1,000

This painting is now in a private collection.

British painters' section:

  • William Scott 1st prize £500
  • Peter Lanyon 2nd prize £400
  • Robin Philipson and Ceri Richards 3rd prize £300

Prizes of £100:

  • Roger Hilton
  • Anne Redpath

British sculptors' section:

  • Hubert Dalwood 1st prize £500
  • Ralph Brown 2nd prize £250

French painters' section:

  • Paul Rebeyrolle 1st prize £500
  • François Arnal 2nd prize £250


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Patrick Heron with 'Black Painting, Red, Brown and Olive, 1959'


Eric Newton (Chair)

Alan Bowness

André Chastel

Hugh Scrutton

Gabriel White