John Moores exhibition 23


Fact file

  • Entries judged by slide submission for first stage selection and by the actual paintings at second stage
  • Printed catalogue reinstated and online catalogue retained
  • Purchase prize abandoned in favour of the Walker Art Gallery having the option to purchase the prizewinning painting
  • Number of entries: 1,906
  • Number of exhibits: 56

Conditions of entry

Artists living or based in the UK; one work, new or recent (preferably executed since JM22), wholly or partly in any painted medium; designed to hang on a wall and projecting no more than 0.5m; additional height and width restrictions.

Prize winners

  • Alexis Harding 1st prize £25,000

4 prizes of £2,500:

  • Andrew Grassie (special merit)
  • Dougal McKenzie
  • Sarah Pickstone
  • Alex Pollard

Visitors' Choice winner £1,000:

  • Dominic Shepherd




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Alex Harding with 'Slump/Fear (orange/black)'


  • Ann Bukantas
  • Jarvis Cocker
  • Gill Hedley
  • Callum Innes
  • Gavin Turk



Alexis Harding, 'Slump/Fear (orange/black), First prizewinner
Dougal McKenzie, 'Last of the French night marchers (Culloden III)
Sarah Pickstone, 'The Park II'
Alex Pollard, 'Outlaw Vortex'
Andrew Grassie, 'The making of the painting', Special merit
Dominic Shepard, 'Piper at the gates of dawn', Visitors' Choice Award
Sophie Aston, 'Unfamiliar skies (bare ground series)'
David Austen, 'Blind'
John Beattie, 'Connection series 2003/4'
Kiera Bennett, 'Untitled (pub#2)
Lynette Boakye, 'Mature love poetry'
Andrew Braley, 'Clout'
Louise Brierley, 'Naughty puppies no.12'
Jason Brooks, 'Cortina'
Edward Chell, 'Bandwidth'
Graham Crowley, 'Morning'
Adam Dant, 'The bureau for the investigation of the subliminal image'
Ian Davenport, 'Untitled circle painting: pale blue/black/ pale blue'
Martine Dejeans, 'All the lies (5)'
Matthew De Pulford, 'Keep it real America'
Blaise Drummond, 'The happy valley'
Paul Elliker, 'Mambo nomads'
Geraint Evans, 'Racing in the street'
Mark Fairnington, 'Paradise (birds we cannot see)'
Leo Fitzmaurice, 'Bayonet 13mm (1/2") steel tacks'
Steph Goodger, 'Fish hell'
Paul Green, 'Mum and dad's bedroom window'
Steve Green, 'New order 2003'
Susie Hamilton, 'Flamboyant jungle'
Jane Harris, 'Holy smoke'
Clive Hodgson, 'Soul music'
Dale Holmes, 'Tourist (after Grosz)'
Paul Housley, 'Low and the long goodbye'
Paula Kane, 'Flowers in the woods'
Ansel Krut, 'St John of Patmos'
Christopher Landoni, 'Let them eat cake'
Tim le Breuilly, 'Psychic disruption'
Lee Maelzer, 'Tinsel'
Marta Marce, 'Serie Escondida 2003'
Jeff McMillan, 'Perla'
Nicholas Middleton, 'Remote bank'
Lisa Milroy, 'Togetherness'
Paul Morrison, 'Plasmasol'
Joe Packer, 'You should have killed me when you had the chance'
Pedro Pedraja, 'Cross the Ts'
Polly Read, 'The roof came down steep and black like a cowl'
Tim Renshaw, 'Hotel'
Miho Sato, 'Moomin'
Dominic Shepherd, 'Piper at the gates of dawn'
Alan Shipway, 'Apolenaris'
Daniel Sturgis, 'Split together'
Covadonga Valdes, 'Hideaway I'
Cathy Ward. 'Rhyolite'
Paul Winstanley, 'Veil 14'
Isabel Young, 'Remains'
Jeremy Youngs, 'Pied wagtail'
Toby Ziegler, 'The hearing dogs' centre'