John Moores exhibition 24


Fact file

  • No purchase prize, but 1st prizewinner purchased for the Gallery's collection
  • Number of entries: 2,640
  • Number of exhibits: 52

Conditions of entry

Artists living or based in the UK; one work, new or recent (preferably executed since JM23), wholly or partly in any painted medium; designed to hang on a wall and projecting no more than 0.5m; additional height and width restrictions.

Prize winners

  • Martin Greenland 1st prize £25,000

4 prizes of £2,500:

  • Matthew Burrows
  • Graham Crowley
  • Vincent Hawkins
  • James White

Visitors' Choice winner £1,000:

  • Nicholas Middleton





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Martin Greenland with 'Before Vermeer's Clouds'


  • Sir Peter Blake
  • Jason Brooks
  • Ann Bukantas
  • Tracey Emin
  • Andrea Rose




Martin Greenland, 'Before Vermeer's Clouds'
Matthew Burrows, 'Baptism'
Graham Crowley, 'Red Reflection'
Vincent Hawkins, 'After Paul Nash'
James White, 'In the Basement (Kit II)'
Nicholas Middleton, 'Scene from a Contemporary Novel', Visitors' Choice Award
Henny Acloque, 'Untitled'
Guy Allot, 'Boarhunt Spaceship'
Carolina Ambida, 'Where's Whiskers?'
Lucy Annat, 'Handfast Point'
Emma Bennett, 'Wake'
Alan Brooks, 'Fill (II)'
Elaine Brown, 'Lace and Snake's Skin'
Gordon Cheung, 'Technophobia'
Leigh Clarke, 'Desperate Measures'
Matt Davies, 'Explosion Rock'
Geraint Evans, 'The Big Country'
Cynthia Girard, 'Owl, Cross and Mountains'
Andrew Griffiths, 'Welcome to my Garden'
Andy Harper, 'Broca's Area'
David Harrison, 'Bad Fairies'
Claude Heath, 'Sarracenia Purpurea (Pitcher Plant)'
Gerard Hemsworth, 'Water Into Wine'
Gunther Herbst, 'High Holborn'
Dale Holmes, 'The Twitcher'
Philip Jones, 'Domino'
Neil Kelly, 'Shit Picnic'
David Leapman, 'The Petal Thinkers'
David Mabb, 'Self-Portrait as Rodchenko (Based on a Photograph by Mikhail Kaufman, David Mabb in William Morris ‘Fruit’ Production Suit, photographed by Robin Forster and copied in paint by Rajendra Sharma)'
Jeff McMillan, 'The Seducer'
David G Martin, ' Re-enactment II'
Eliza Meath Baker, 'Bird'
Andrea Medjesi-Jones, 'Germinal'
Richard Moon, 'The Sitter'
Jost Munster, 'Halloween'
Penny Neville-Lee, 'Out of Season'
Sachiko Odashima, 'A Happy Day'
Alicia Paz, 'Untitled (Island)'
Hugo Platt, 'Pierrot/Cavalier'
Daphne Plessner, 'It's a wallpaper World: Made in Canada'
Alex Ramsay, 'Careless Love'
Andreas Rüthi, 'Diego's Compact'
Gary 'Dollman' Sollars, 'When I Grow Up I Want to Go in There'
Ben Spiers, 'Furrows'
Arabella Stewart, 'Untitled'
Michael Stubbs, 'Vanitas Nexus Mix'
Paul Thomas, 'A Slice of Desert'
Covadonga Valdes, 'Target'
Julian Wakelin, 'Niceday'
Caroline Walker, 'The Party Animal'
Emily Wolfe, 'The Silent Treatment'
Clare Woods, 'Madame Bridgette'