John Moores exhibition 4


Fact file

  • Value of prizes increased
  • Sculpture section abolished
  • Junior section: eligible age reduced to 'not exceeding 25 years old on 12 Nov 1963
  • 'Invited artists' section reintroduced and included in prize competition
  • Purchase prizes reintroduced
  • Oskar Kokoschka exhibited under 'Hors concours' section: "It is a great pleasure to have a painting by the greatest living British artist."
  • Artists including Adrian Henri exhibit works not accepted for the John Moores at Liverpool's Everyman Cinema, with a reception hosted by 'Miss Refuse 1963.'
  • Number of entries: 2,421
  • Number of exhibits: 118

 Conditions of entry

Artists working in the UK; oil, tempera, emulsion or other accepted modern techniques. No sculpture. Each artist could submit one work, preferably new. 'Hors concours' section (invited but not eligible for prizes)

Prize winners

Open section:
Purchase prizes -

  • Roger Hilton 1st prize £1,500
  • Anthony Donaldson 2nd prize £750
  • Philip Sutton 3rd prize £500

Non-purchase prizes -
5 prizes of £100

  • Harold Cohen
  • Michael Kidner
  • RB Kitaj
  • Terry G Lee
  • Bridget Riley 

Junior section:
Purchase prizes -

  • Stephen McKenna 1st prize £500
  • Christopher Paice 2nd prize £250

Honourable mention:

  • John Bowstead
  • Michael J Davidson
  • Tess Jaray


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Roger Hilton with 'March 1963'


  • John Moores (Chair)
  • Ronald Alley 
  • Sir William Coldstream
  • Peter Lanyon
  • Hugh Scrutton