David Leapman

'Double -Tongued Knowability'

John Moores Winner 1995

Dayglo, nightglo and acrylic on canvas

215 x 306.5cm

"Over the years I have made many hundreds of drawings; they are juxtapositions of an increasing number of invented elements. These are the source of my paintings. In entirety or part, some are transferred enlarged, freehand onto canvas.
Three years ago I felt I needed to make images that retained the intricacies of my work but which were immdiately arresting. More recently, new research led me to use nightglo and ultraviolet pigments. Under different conditions it is therefore possible to reduce or intensify parts of a painting, thus permitting different readings. But it is important to me that such paintings are complete in any light source.
'Double-Tongued Knowability' belongs to a group of paintings I made last year and includes many of these new materials. It is my way of coming to terms with the realities of the late 20th century whilst acknowledging spiritual and instinctive behaviour."

David Leapman was born in London in 1959. He studied at St Martin's School of Art, Goldsmiths College and Chelsea College of Art.