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Peter Getting Out Of Nick's Pool by David Hockney (born 1937)

Painting of a naked man getting out of a very blue, stylised pool

Acrylic on canvas, painted in 1966
Presented by Sir John Moores in 1968 (No. 6605)

First prize (Purchase prize), John Moores 6, 1967

This painting reflects the impact of Hockney's move to California in 1964, with its sunny climate, relaxed lifestyle and vibrant colours. His interest in Polaroid photography shows in the painting's square format and white border. The pool belonged to Los Angeles gallery-owner Nicholas Wilder. The figure is Hockney's friend Peter Schlesinger. He based the painting partly on a Polaroid of Peter leaning against an MG sports car. The challenge of depicting reflections on water and glass fascinated Hockney, who uses parallel and wriggly lines over strong, flat colours borrowed from the conventions of comics and advertisements. Hockney used the prize money to send his parents on holiday. He was a popular winner who subsequently achieved international acclaim. The painting has become one of the best known in the gallery's collection.

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