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Broken Bride 13.6.82 by John Hoyland (born 1934)

painting of blue triangle on a black background with a greeny yellow border

Acrylic on cotton duck, painted in 1982
Presented by Sir John Moores in 1983 (No. 10365)

First prize (Purchase prize), John Moores 13, 1982-3

Sheffield-born Hoyland studied at the art college there before attending the Royal Academy Schools. His abstract paintings develop as a series, their forms and colours evolving from one to the next. He believes firmly that colour conveys human emotion and his paintings therefore express and aim to provoke emotions. In Broken Bride 13.6.82 his harmonious integration of shapes, textures and colours upon a flat canvas, without recognisable imagery, is spontaneous yet disciplined. Hoyland completed the painting on 13 June 1982. The John Moores 13 exhibition reflected what art critic William Feaver described as 'the upsurge in painterliness.' 

Hoyland planned to use the prize money to enrich his future work through travel.