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Blotter by Peter Doig (born 1959)

Oil on canvas, 249 x 199cm. Accession Number WAG1993.81 

First prize, John Moores 18, 1993.

Peter Doig's painting 'Blotter' won first prize in John Moores 18, 1993. This was a turning point in his career and he was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1994. Doig is now regarded as a leading artist worldwide and Blotter as one of his best works. In 2007 one of his paintings sold at auction for £5.7m, a price that briefly made him Europe's most expensive living artist.

The work was painted from a photograph, and shows the artist's brother standing on a frozen pond. The reflection was enhanced by pumping water onto the ice. Of the painting, Doig has said:

"The title refers to (amongst other things) the notion of one's being absorbed into a place or landscape, and to the process through which the painting developed: soaking paint into the canvas.

The figure is deliberately shown looking down into the reflection; this is to suggest inward thought, rather than some sort of contemplation of the scene."