'The Ambassador', BANK

Acrylic on canvas, 200 x 330 cm


BANK, an artists’ group of changing membership, came together in 1991. It was included in numerous group shows in London through the 1990s and held its first solo show ‘It’s a Stitch-Up’ at DOG, London 1997. 

Since then it has shown throughout the UK and Europe and at Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery New York. BANK has also made books, TV programmes, and websites. Its most recent solo show was at Anthony Wilkinson Gallery London 2002.

"No to death by explanation;

it is through reflex and feeling alone, navel gazing and hand biting

We will not live with a jasmine flower stuck behind our ears;

orange, forest green, black: these are our tools

Silence, varnisher of fools,

we are the double-headed medium of what you dare not speak:

when the brush trembles the words fall forth,

there is no explanation save that of the eternal quadrangle,


Grinning elite pushing taste in the face of child-public,

do not make us do the job of crush.

We will not live with an air-kiss in our heads

we live hand to brush."