'Sepal', Paul Morrison

Acrylic on canvas, 274 x 183 cm


Paul Morrison was born in Liverpool in 1966. He studied at Hugh Baird College Liverpool 1983-85, Sheffield Polytechnic 1985-88 and Goldsmiths’ College 1995-98. His first one-person show was in London in 1996; since then he has shown widely in the UK, Europe and the USA. In 2002 he was included in the Jerwood Painting Prize London and held one-person shows at Asprey Jacques London and in Southampton and Nürnberg, Geneva, Ulm and Grenoble.

The images, invariably painted in two coats of black acrylic paint on the pristine white ground, are computer scanned, manipulated on screen, and projected onto the canvas. The sources of each disparate element of the image range widely: many derive from botanical works and illustrations of plants. Juxtapositions intensify discontinuities of scale and graphic styles: tiny plants become massive; trees shrink. This is ‘cognitive landscape’