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Talking Heads

Napoleon crossing the Alps

Paul Delaroche, 1850

Who are you?
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I'm Napoleon Bonaparte, the Emperor of France. I'm away from my beloved Paris at the moment and on my way to Italy with a small army of soldiers.

Where are you right now?
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I'm crossing the Alps through the Great Saint Bernard Pass and it's absolutely freezing! I'd be better off with a fur coat in this weather.

You don't seem very happy, what's wrong?
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Why should I be happy about you seeing me riding a mule? They are better for travelling on treacherous slopes, but it's not very dignified for an Emperor to be portrayed like this. I prefer the grand portrait where you can see me riding a magnificent horse.

What are you going to do next?
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There isn't much I can do! I will sit here and think about my dear wife, Joséphine, instead of thinking about how cold my feet are. Hopefully this peasant will hurry up and lead me to some shelter.

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