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Talking Heads

Hazel in Rose and Gold

Sir John Lavery, 1918


Who are you?
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I'm Hazel Lavery from the USA. My husband John did this painting of me - I asked him to make it flattering to my figure!

Why are you dressed like that?
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(Indignant) What on earth do you mean? Maybe you are not used to seeing somebody dressed like this, but I can assure you it is the latest fashion! I got this beautiful coat from my husband. It is VERY expensive.

Why is it so dark there?
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My dear John says I always light up the room when I walk in. One time I said, "how do you mean?" And so he did this painting to show how I shine brightly in even the darkest room. I like to be a person who stands out.

What are you going to do next?
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(Weary) I'm getting a bit tired of all these questions. I'm a busy woman, a social butterfly you might say. I have an evening of dinner, dancing and glamour ahead of me, my driver is waiting.

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