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Talking Heads

Two Jamaican Girls

Augustus John, 1937


Who are you?
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Alisha: I'm Alisha.

Tandi: And I'm Tandi, pleased to meet you.

Alisha: We work in a hotel near Kingston, mostly cleaning and tidying up - it's so boring and we don't get paid very much at all.

Have you known each other a long time?
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Tandi: We met at the hotel a few years ago.

Alisha: Yeah she started following me around and I've not been able to shake her off!

Tandi: That's not true! Anyway it's nice that Mr. John asked us to sit for his painting, he must think we're a little bit special.

What are you doing today?
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Alisha: We have to go back to work later, but we're going to try and have some fun today. Did you bring the skipping ropes Tandi?

Tandi: Oh no I forgot! Let's go swimming in the bay instead...

Alisha: No, my mother says I can't go far - why did you have to forget the ropes! (sighs)

Do you like living in Jamaica?
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Alisha: I won't lie to you, things are hard here if you haven't got much and sometimes people get really angry about it.

Tandi: But we've got the sun and the sea - it's still a pretty place to live. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

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