Room two

Late Renaissance Italy


The paintings, sculpture, ceramics and tapestry in this room give some idea of the furnishings which filled the civic buildings, churches and palaces of the propertied classes in 16th century Italy. The commecial and banking wealth of several city states (particularly the regions surrounding Florence and Venice) enabled their inhabitants to sustain the thriving workshops of native artists and craftsmen and also to import luxury goods from abroad as status symbols, such as Flemish tapestries.

The arts prospered despite the dramatic political changes which cities underwent at this time. Florence, for example, oscillated between republicanism and the dictatorial rule of the Medici family. It was during this period that the fame of Raphael, Michelangelo and Titian spread from Florence, Rome and Venice across 16th century Europe.

Room highlights

Also in this room:

  • 'Supper at Emmaus' by Titian 
  • 'Dish' by Italian (Deruta)

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