Dorothy Kuya Memorial Lecture - Bonnie Greer and Laurella Rinçon



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This event is being held at the Town Hall in Liverpool.

Bonnie Greer is a playwright, author, critic and broadcaster based in London. Originally from the United States, Bonnie arrived in the UK in 1986 and has featured on BBC Question Time and Newsnight, as well as serving on the boards of several leading arts organisations including the British Museum and the Royal Opera House. Laurella Rinçon is the director general of Mémorial ACTe (MACTe), a memorial and museum dedicated to the memory of the transatlantic slave trade on the French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe. Together, Bonnie and Laurella will discuss "The Human Revolution of the Middle Passage: The Caribbean; South America. Outside Of The English Speaking World".

This event is part of  Slavery Remembrance Day 2022.

Illustration by Tinuke Fagborun