Another View: Artist Led Contemporary Landscapes Workshop - Amy Auld

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This workshop, led by artist Amy Auld, will be beginner friendly, experiential learning. There will be a focus on colour and the freedom of movement. You can bring in as much reference work as you’d like, the session will be focusing on familiar landscapes and what this means to you. This could be old family photographs, places you’ve been or even where you’d like to go. There will be multiple materials to work from: watercolours, charcoal, pens, pencils, and paint. The session will be a space for people to express themselves through multiple art styles and discover the importance of perspective and how composition and colour within a landscape can create a transformatively calm and emotive piece

The session will take place on 6 July, and run from 1-4pm. Tickets will be £25 per person (concessions are available) and must be booked in advance. 


This workshop is part of our art workshop series, inspired by our exhibition Another View: Landscapes by Women Artists

As the exhibition looks at how landscapes have been interpreted and represented by women over the 19th and 20th centuries, our workshops explore how a variety of contemporary women artists today are translating their experience of landscapes into their practice. Participants will be supported to create their own unique piece to take home, drawing on inspiration from each artists own techniques, ideas and experiences.


Amy Auld is an artist from London, based in Newcastle. She studied at the Royal Drawing School, and later went on to do her BA at Newcastle University in Fine Art, and featured on 2024 Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the year. Amy’s work deals with constructed spaces seeking to pull the viewer into faded, nostalgic stories whilst portraying a sense of escapism. Through the use of composition and colour, Amy combines memories with personal obstacles to portray themes of longing and isolation.