Chinese tea to British tea, Chinaware to Jasperware

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Take a cultural journey over two centuries, from Elizabethan England and Ming Dynasty China to discover how a relationship which began with a request for trade and cultural exchange became beset by misunderstanding, and Britain’s increasing obsession with tea and power.

A talk by Dr Sunny Xin Liu, Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities, Languages and Global Studies, University of Central Lancashire.

This is a free talk, please book your tickets in advance via the link on this page.

Dr Sunny Xin Liu is the author of 'A Tale of Two Empires Over Two Centuries – Anglo Chinese Encounters Before The Opium War', published by Routledge this summer. As a translator, lecturer and researcher, Sunny has spent half her career in China and half in the UK, her experience of both countries gives her insight into the history and relationship between China and Britain from the perspectives of both cultures.

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