The hidden world of the Flower Fairies

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Fairy folk. Fairy tales. Fairy rings. Fairy magic. Fairy wings.

Do you believe in fairies? It’s an age-old question, and depending on your answer and belief, it could mean one of these elusive, magical creatures falls down dead.

So, how do you feel now?

Do they exist? Do they exist only because people believe in them?

Fairies have existed in the beliefs of many cultures for a long time: sometimes helpful, sometimes mischievous, sometimes malicious. 

From Celtic, Germanic and Ancient Greek folk tales, they have many varieties and descriptions, though the most recognisable is that from European folklore – tiny creatures, flitting about with gossamer wings and a strong association with nature and magic.

This talk, from assistant curator David Moffat, will look at how fairies have been viewed in traditional stories and how their close associations with the natural world, make them still as alluring and mysterious as you think they are.

Tickets for this talk cost £7 and can be booked below.

Image © Pete Carr