Recovering lost women from history with Dr Janina Ramirez

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Join Dr Janina Ramirez, historian and author of 'Femina', a new history of the middle ages, through the women written out of it, to discover more lost histories from the past.

Janina has drawn on recent discoveries, advances in DNA and technology, and evidence from art, music, literature and science, to light a different view of the medieval world.

Exploring the roles of the 'great men' of the colonial era, the medieval-minded suffragettes, and the romantic treatment of Pre-Raphaelite artists, Janina will take us back to the actual worlds inhabited by women of the past to show how they have been rewritten, overwritten, ignored and written out. 

Guests can enjoy a tea and coffee reception at our south entrance from 6.30pm, before Dr Ramirez's talk at 7pm in our main hall.