Go Higher Lecture: Marie Stopes' Japan

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For some 16 years before her involvement in birth control, Marie Stopes forged a ground-breaking career as a geologist and palaeobotanist.

Funded by a prestigious Royal Society grant, from 1907 she spent 18 months at the Imperial University in Tokyo from where she went on hair-raising fossil hunting trips, met high society and low society, and fell in love.

Her journal from that period, published in 1910, presents her astute and sometimes shocking reflections on her experiences and provides a fascinating insight into Japanese life and culture in the early 20th century.

Join us for this fascinating exploration of Marie Stopes’ life with Dr Claire Jones from the University of Liverpool.

Tuesday 10 January, 1.30-2.20pm.

Suitable for ages 12+.

You don't need to book a ticket for this free talk, just drop in on the day.