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"We are inviting blind and partially sighted people to come along to the Museum of Liverpool to enjoy the experience, using your other senses.  It promises to be a great day and the hope is that after the event you will have a greater understanding of just how inclusive museums can be."
James Connell, Merseyside Sight Loss Council member

In this partnership event with the Thomas Pocklington Trust you will hear about the Curating for Change programme at the Museum of Liverpool. This includes what has been done to improve access and better represent people with disabilities.

We will also listen to your own feedback about what more can be done to improve museums. You will get the opportunity to share how you feel we could make them become more accessible and welcoming places for blind and partially sighted visitors.

There will also be an opportunity to do some object handling, crafts and visit the Happiness! exhibition.

Sighted guides will be available at the event.

"This event is being hosted by National Museums Liverpool and Merseyside Sight Loss Council.  We want you to experience how a museum can be fulfilling and accessible for blind and partially sighted people."
Mike Wright, Merseyside Sight Loss Council member

This free event is for blind and partially sighted people living in Merseyside. Attending the event is a great way to find out more about the work of Sight Loss Councils and the ways in which people can get involved.

Please book your free place using the booking link on this page.

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