International Pronouns Day

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Join us for International Pronouns Day, in partnership with LCR Pride Foundation and Liverpool TDOV, for a series of talks where we celebrate gender diversity and the importance of visibility.

During the event we will hear from Mandy Romero and her amazing experiences travelling through some of the most illiberal and intolerant countries in the northern hemisphere as part of her 'Strange lands and how to survive them' project. Travelling with a large square of red silk as her main costume resource, to signify both the communist origins of the countries en-route and the Silk Road route she was following, she brought back to the UK a set of portraits of herself taken by a fascinating variety of photographers, most of them met for the first time along the way.

We will also hear a selection from local trans writers as part of the museum's Trans Voices Liverpool project. The event will conclude with a public consultation activity about plans for Trans Day of Visibility in March.

Please drop in, have a cup of tea, and let us know more about what events and programmes you think we can host to showcase trans and gender-diverse lives in Liverpool.

Drop in event, no booking or ticket required.