Liverpool Hip Hop Festival

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This day-long event holds immense importance, showcasing the significance of Liverpool's Hip Hop history. It provides an opportunity to connect, inspire, and uplift each other, while also paying homage to the artists, pioneers, and contributions that have shaped our local Hip Hop scene.

But what can you expect at the Liverpool Hip Hop Festival? Prepare to be transported into a world of captivating performances, mesmerising music, and engaging exhibitions that explore the evolution of Hip Hop culture in Liverpool. From live DJ sets to awe-inspiring dance battles and thought-provoking panel discussions, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Museum of Liverpool, known for its dedication to preserving our city's history, will be transformed into a hub of creativity and celebration. The aim is to create an immersive experience that will leave you feeling inspired, enlightened, and connected to the heartbeat of Liverpool's Hip Hop community.

The event is free and no booking is required.


2-4pm - Workshops

Afrobeat Workshop: Learn Afrobeat, hip hop and commercial styles with tutors Sabrina Steele with Q n K.

Hip Hop-Breaking Workshop: Learn the basics of Breakdance footwork and floorwork to raw funky beats with tutor Remarkable (UK Rocksteady)

Technique With Energy and Rhythm Fun Energetic workshop: With a focus on learning new skills improving rhythm and expressing yourself. To Hip Hop, Soca music and more with tutor Yonah Higgins.

Creative Writing Workshop -Graffiti art Workshop: Write your own poems and stories with local artists, helping you to tap into your creative mind. Create your own Tags using Your Name and use words, images and colours to create a piece of graffiti art with tutors Blue Saint and Nikki Blaze.

Basics of Beatboxing: Learn to make sounds with your mouth and improve your timing rhythm and breath control while becoming a human drum machine with tutor TL.

DJ Workshops: Have a go on the DJ Decks mixing one tune to the next with DJ NS or have a scratch or beat match with DJ Rasp.

4.30pm-5pm - Liverpool Hip Hop documentary launch 

6-7pm - Panel discussions

6-6.20pm - Dance Panel: Hosted by Zulu King, featuring Flowrex, Sabrina Steele and Crew, Yonah Higgins and Remarkable

6.20-640pm - Local/Regional Music Panel: Hosted by 2Kind, featuring Blue saint, Chedeye Knights, DJ Rasp and DJ Olabean

640pm-7PM - National/International Music: Hosted by Nikki Blaze featuring Billie Ski Mask, Phearnone, Fero, Persia

7-8pm - Live Performances

7pm-720pm - Dance crew, Blue Saint, Chedeye Knights

720pm-8pm - Blah Records Showcase Featuring Stinkin Slumrok, Bill Shakes, Sly Moon, and King Grubb

Image courtesy of Liverpool Echo