Ukraine Independence Day

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Everyone is welcome at this event, which includes activities for children and adults to celebrate Ukrainian culture and share different ways that you can support Ukraine, including -

  • Find about Ukraine as a country, through a presentation of historical facts, modern achievements and an overview of the situation today.
  • Enjoy entertainment and cartoons about Ukraine from the project ‘Travelbook. Ukraine’ with subtitles in English.
  • Children can create a piece of art which we will send to the soldiers in Ukraine. 
  • Find out about the book, ‘Ukraїner’, featuring  letters of gratitude to British people written by Ukraininans. 100% of the money made from the sale of these books will be transferred directly to the organisation ‘Ukraїner’, to support their team who are risking their lives on the front line.
  • You will also be able to view a digital ‘donation guide’ to find out ways to support Ukraine and a list of official organisations and foundations.

Ukraine Independence Day is celebrated on 24 August each year, marking the date that the country declared independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991.

"This Independence Day will be different for all Ukrainians. We understand that it is important to be united right now as never before. This event is one more opportunity to share more about our cultural heritage and why Ukrainians love their country so much."
Veronika Yasynska, event organiser

World Museum will also be illuminated in blue and yellow, the colours of the Ukranian flag, on the evening of 24 August to show solidarity.